1-Eyelash extensions offer a very natural look that options such as clusters lashes, strips or tabs cannot. You still look like yourself- just more refreshed.

2-With very little maintenance you wake up to beautiful eyes! No more mascara or raccoon eyes in the morning.

3-Eyelash extensions are so noticeable in themselves that very little makeup is required. Whether you prefer a more natural daytime look of just adding a little gloss or lipstick to you daytime routine or why not step it up a notch with longer and fuller extensions to achieve a more glamorous look. Both will keep everyone guessing as to what your secret is

4-Eyelash extensions are so durable that you never need to worry about how they will look after spending the day in the pool, working out or while you are away on vacation

5-Extremely convenient for big events like weddings, graduations or long vacations. No need to fuss with makeup…just wake up and go!

6-As we mature, we lose the thickness and volume of our eyelashes. Eyelash extensions add thickness and volume to add life to tired eyes and take years off your face.

7-This beauty procedure is so pain free and relaxing that most clients sleep throughout the process. Naps and lashes…perfect way to spend an hour.

8-Unlike clusters, strips or tab lashes…individual lash extensions are comfortable to wear and look beautiful and feel natural. You won’t even feel like you are wearing anything they are that comfortable.

9-You have the choice and freedom of changing lengths and volume at each every time you have a fill. Change it up…. keep it fresh!

10-Because your worth it!… You know your eyes are the windows to your soul!