enjoy the full benefits


  • Avoid picking at, rubbing, playing with, or curling the extensions.
  • Avoid intense heat such as hair dryers, ovens, barbeques, and lighter
  • Maintaining a clean lash line promotes healthy lash growth.
  • When sleeping, don’t place your face in your pillow
  • Do not use cosmetic’s that contains oil. Never use oil-based products on your extensions
  • Avoid wearing mascara with the extensions.
  • Clean the lashes with eyelash shampoo using a soft makeup brush on a daily basis.
  • Avoid using cotton products around the eyes such as cotton balls, Q-tips and wipes. The lint from the cotton will get caught and may cause you to pull out or tug on the lashes.
  • Use oil free makeup remover to remove eye makeup.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler on the extensions.
  • Make a second appointment for your lash fill to replace any outgrown lashes within 2-3 weeks; to insure your eyelash extensions remain full and straight!