The season for fun in the Oakville,Burlington and Mississauga sun is officially in swing!

Getaways, pool parties and barbeques are ready to fill up the weekend hours. Thankfully, eyelash extensions are waterproof and sweat proof to keep us looking our best through all the good times. Word to the wise, though – eyelash extensions are NOT indestructible! Avoid embarrassing mishaps and party time panics by following these few simple tips:

Plan Ahead For Water Play!
 Eyelash extensions need to be kept dry for 2-4 hours after each application in order for the adhesive to fully cure. Be sure to schedule your full set and re-lash appointments well in advance of wild water adventures!

Slash The Steam Exposure!
Jacuzzis and spas are soothing retreats to wind down from a day of excessive work or play. A bit of steam now and then shouldn’t affect extended lashes, but try to avoid getting “too much of a good thing.” Repeated or prolonged exposure to high heat and steam can weaken the lash bond and cause extensions to fall off early.

Beware The BBQ!

For hygiene and performance reasons, many salons offer only synthetic eyelash extensions and all synthetics CAN melt when exposed to very high temps. No need to worry about the summery weather outside, but do try to keep your lashes away from the BBQ and other high heat sources. If synthetic lashes are directly in the path of a blast of extremely hot air, they could very well get singed!