At Eyelash Extensions in Oakville I specialize in luxury eyelash extensions that won’t damage your natural lash. You will never need to remove your Full Set of extensions – you can come indefinitely for fills! I only use products are of the highest quality…. they are lightweight, natural looking and 100% waterproof.


When you come in for your eyelash extensions, I will never count how many eyelashes I need to apply to your nature lashes to create the “look” you desire. I will always use a variety of lengths, thicknesses and diameters in each and every set and fill of eyelash extensions. These two guarantees are extremely important as they ensure that you will receive lash extensions that perfectly compliment your beautiful eyes.


My goal is always to ensure that every natural lash has been covered with a lash extension. I always take into careful consideration the following in order to achieve your perfect look.


1.Your Natural Eye Shape – Do you have a round, oval, cat-eye or downward facing eye shape? Once we determine that, I will then put the extension on accordingly. There are many different lengths, thicknesses and curls to emphasize the look that you want


  1. Your Brow Shape – The lash extensions need to compliment your own brow line to bring together a complete look.


  1. Your Desired Signature Style – Do you want a full glam-style look? Or do you prefer the more natural look? These considerations will determine which length and thickness I use on your lashes.


  1. Your Natural Lashes – What is the condition of your natural lashes? Do you have sparse, weak lashes? Or super full, coarse lashes? At Eyelash Extensions in Oakville I will create and design a look to compliment you without any risk of damaging your own lashes. This is the utmost of importance.


At Eyelash Extensions in Oakville, you will leave with the most flawless beautiful set of eyelash extensions that will mesmerize the masses and have you wondering how you ever lived without them.